RailLIVE 2016


Understanding Rail’s Potential

All sessions will be free to attend and will take place in Rail Live’s Conference Centre on a first-come, first served basis - so be sure to take your seat in plenty of time.

Split into four 90-minute sessions, one on each morning and afternoon of Rail Live, the conference will cover HS2, Network Rail CP5/CP6, Transport for London and Network Rail Major Programmes.

Three high-level speakers will each explain their programmes and look at future opportunities, and then will form an expert panel to answer questions and discuss topics raised by the chair and by delegates.


Conference programme

11:00, Wednesday 22 June

High Speed 2

This immense £40 billion project is due to commence construction in 2018, although some preliminary works have already started. HS2’s procurement involvement will focus strongly on tier 2 and tier 3 contractors as well as the large joint ventures which will be the principal contactors.

Kate Hall - Director of the Built Environment and Design, HS2

Alex Burrows - Director of Strategy and Marketing, Alstom Transport

Scott-James Eley - Supply Chain Manager, HS2


14:00, Wednesday 22 June

Network Rail

With £40 billion being spent during Control Period 5, which lasts until March 2019, Network Rail is investing in the railway network as never before. With some programmes scheduled to run through into CP6 (2019-2025), there will be plenty of work to be carried out for the next decade.

Rob Davis - Regional Director South, National Supply Chain

Kevin Shelton - Strategic Planning Manager, Infrastructure Projects

Jon Shaw - Engineering Director, Infrastructure Projects


11:00, Thursday 23 June

Transport for London

TfL runs both the London Underground and London Overground networks. The former will have both new trains and new signalling over the coming years, as well as extensions to some existing lines. There are moves afoot for the Overground operation to take over more commuter routes around the capital. And then there will be the new Elizabeth line (Crossrail) from 2018, followed by the Crossrail 2 programme.

Andy Jinks - Head of Asset Strategy & Investment, London Underground

Duncan Cross - Deputy Director Operations, London Overground

Dorothy Wallace - Head of Commercial (Supplier and Market Development), London Underground


14:00, Thursday 23 June

Network Rail Major Programmes

Network Rail’s renewals and enhancements programme takes in a number of major programmes that give opportunities for suppliers of all sizes. At Rail Live, those involved will talk about three of them.

Saleem Mohammad - Director, National Electrification Programme

Huw Edwards - Project Director, IP Signalling South

Ed Rollings - Head of Level Crossings Engineering